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The mission of the Rocky River Watershed Council is to protect, restore and perpetuate a healthy watershed through public education, watershed planning, communication and cooperation among stakeholders.


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Johnson Creek Restoration - Hinckley Township


In October 2011 and April 2012 dedicated volunteers showed up to help stabilize the banks of Johnson Creek following the flooding of 2011. RRWC in cooperation with the Cleveland Metoparks and NOACA (Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency) developed a stabilization plan using native trees and shrubs to help heal the exposed bank. Bio-engineering, as its called, relies on plant roots to bind the soil of the bank together and flexible branches to protect the soil surface during high stream flows. Cuttings from willows and dogwoods within the park were taken before the project date, soaked in the stream, and then planted as live stakes, facines, and living silt fence. As a result of this work over 200 feet of bank is now planted and is growing well. The dry summer does not appear to be affecting survival of the cuttings. This was a very low cost project which will benefit Johnson Creek and the Rocky River Watershed for years to come.

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