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Brunswick Lake Fish Survey Report- Preliminary

Fish population of assessment Brunswick Lake on 3 Sept 2014

Total sample time over two runs was 77 minutes (lake perimeter) and  we collected largemouth bass, common carp, bluegill, pumpkinseed (and BGxPS hybrids), black crappie, yellow bullhead, white sucker and golden shiner.  Sunfish size was pretty  small (stunted), bass were fairly plentiful and healthy, but also smaller.  Several of  the larger bass exhibited hook marks in the mouth, indicating potentially high fish  pressure, and harvest may be a factor in lack of bigger bass in the sample. 

As suspected, common carp densities are pretty high in the lake, and significant hydrologic connection to inflow/outflow streams would make their removal unfeasible.  But overall, the fishery is not bad.  I would characterize the lake as fairly eutrophic, and nutrient inputs could likely improve balance in the fish community (carp flourish in the environment).  I do believe low levels of macrophytes (aquatic vegetation) in the lake are due to high carp numbers, as those two things can be correlated.

Of the vegetation in the lake, it is mostly decent stuff, like floating leaf pondweed, which offers good fish  habitat along shore in areas.  I did note water lettuce (not native) not far from the dam, but it should not survive the winter. 

-Michael Durkalec, M.S., Aquatic Biologist, Cleveland Metroparks

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