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The mission of the Rocky River Watershed Council is to protect, restore and perpetuate a healthy watershed through public education, watershed planning, communication and cooperation among stakeholders.


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Dear members, supporters and stakeholders,

Our quest to Preserve, Protect and Restore the Rocky River and its tributaries saw continued success in 2015. The following numbers demonstrate the efforts of the RRWC and our partners:

1 - Acres of wetland created. 
5 - Number of active subwatershed Stream Teams.
18 - Volunteer and outreach events such as stream cleanups, tree plantings, stream walks and presentations.

34 - Number of water quality monitoring stations.
397 - Acres of cover crops installed.
1,440 - Number of native trees and shrubs planted in streamside areas of the watershed by volunteers.  
2,750 - Feet of stream channel restored.

Thank you to all our partners and volunteers who made these numbers possible!  In many ways, these numbers tell the story of a successful 2015.  But they also illustrate how much more remains to be done in order to achieve our mission.  2016 is shaping up to be an important year - can we count on you to be a part of the story of the protection and restoration of the Rocky River Watershed?

See you along the Rocky,

Jared Bartley
Rocky River Watershed Coordinator

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