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The mission of the Rocky River Watershed Council is to protect, restore and perpetuate a healthy watershed through public education, watershed planning, communication and cooperation among stakeholders.


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Taking Root for Clean Water

Ever take a hike or a drive along a scenic river and admired the trees growing along that waterway? Maybe you didn't realize that those trees are doing much more than just looking pretty and providing a place for wildlife to live. Trees and other vegetation along waterways are a vital component of any healthy watershed. By stabilizing banks and intercepting nutrients, water quality is greatly improved. Established root systems resist the erosive power of flood waters and help reduce sediment…


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Questions Finally Answered in Massive Fish Kill

Answers to the mystery surrounding the massive fish kill in the Rocky River this spring are finally becoming available as federal indictments come down. As unbelievable as these charges seem to be, they are a great example of why protection and respect for our aquatic resources is as important as ever.

Cyanide identified as cause of April fish kill in Rocky…


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The future looks clearer for Healy Creek in Brunswick

The Medina Gazette reports on the Healy Creek project in the planning stages for Venus Park in Brunswick.


Grant to expand floodplain of Brunswick’s Healy Creek

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Lake Medina "Dips In" with other lakes involved in water quality monitoring across the state

Lake Medina has been added to the list of water bodies included in the 2012 Secchi Dip-In Program and the Citizen Lake Awareness and Monitoring Program (CLAM). These Citizen…


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A Little Serengeti In Our Own Backyard.

It's a side of the Rocky River watershed that very few individuals have ever witnessed. However, this scene plays itself out on a daily basis in some of the most remote corners of the watershed. This video, recorded by Natalie Moore during the assessment of a primary headwater stream by Cleveland Metroparks Natural…


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