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Questions Finally Answered in Massive Fish Kill

Answers to the mystery surrounding the massive fish kill in the Rocky River this spring are finally becoming available as federal indictments come down. As unbelievable as these charges seem to be, they are a great example of why protection and respect for our aquatic resources is as important as ever.

Cyanide identified as cause of April fish kill in Rocky…


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The future looks clearer for Healy Creek in Brunswick

The Medina Gazette reports on the Healy Creek project in the planning stages for Venus Park in Brunswick.


Grant to expand floodplain of Brunswick’s Healy Creek

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Flathead Catfish collected near Emerald Necklace Marina is the first of its kind documented in the Rocky River

"Today while collecting  fish by the marina for two tank exhibits (RR and West Creek) and for Touch a Truck, we turned up a flathead catfish (see photos).  This is a new record for the watershed and for the park (it is a native fish).  This is just a “baby”, as these can grow over 50 pounds in the Ohio River drainage of Ohio.  Add this to the recent record of the spotted suckers from the river last year, and the diversity of the river is actually increasing…boding well for the health of…


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RRWC Board Member Mel Hauser featured in Sun News article about Abram Creek

Check the story out at http://www.cleveland.com/brook-park/index.ssf/2012/08/brook_park_man_plunges_into_ef.html.

And plan to join us at the Abram Creek cleanup on October 13th!

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Fourth Baldwin Creek Dam to be Removed

Funds have been awarded through the Ohio EPA's Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program (WRRSP) for the restoration of Baldwin Creek in Berea.  The $300,000 project will improve fish passage and aquatic habitat in Baldwin Creek removing the last major impediment to fish passage in the Baldwin Creek subwatershed.  The project will also benefit the resident population of the state-threatened bigmoputh shiner by reconnecting populations in Baldwin Creek and the East Branch of the Rocky…


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Healey Creek Restoration in Venus Park

Funds have been awarded through the Ohio EPA's Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program (WRRSP) for the restoration of Healey Creek in Brunswick's Venus Park.  The $390,800 project will improve aquatic habitat in Healey Creek by creating a new floodplain adjacent to the creek.  The project will also reduce downstream delivery of sediment from streambank erosion, and provide flood storage in the headwaters of Healey Creek.  This funding is made possible through the sponsorship of the…


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Fish Kill Update

The Plain Dealer has an update on the continuing investigation into the April 2012 fish kill on the East Branch of the Rocky River. 


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Lake Medina "Dips In" with other lakes involved in water quality monitoring across the state

Lake Medina has been added to the list of water bodies included in the 2012 Secchi Dip-In Program and the Citizen Lake Awareness and Monitoring Program (CLAM). These Citizen…


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Johnson Creek Restoration - Hinckley Township


In October 2011 and April 2012 dedicated volunteers showed up to help stabilize the banks of Johnson Creek following the flooding of 2011. RRWC in cooperation with the Cleveland Metoparks and NOACA (Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency) developed a stabilization plan using native trees and shrubs to help heal the exposed bank. Bio-engineering, as its called, relies on plant roots to bind the soil of the bank together and flexible branches to protect the soil…


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Join us at a River Cleanup!!!

River cleanup season is upon us!  Please consider joining us at one of these upcoming cleanups in the Rocky River Watershed.  For all cleanups, trash bags will be provided.  Volunteers should dress for the weather and wear work boots or old shoes.  Long Sleeves, long pants and work gloves are recommended.  Children under 18 must have adult supervision. Pre-registration is required for groups.  Please contact Rocky River Watershed Coordinator Jared Bartley for more information at 216-524-6580…


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Massive Earth Day Fish Kill on the East Branch of the Rocky River

The kill, which stretched ~3 miles from between Bonnie Park in Strongsville and Wallace lake in Berea, killed tens of thousands of individual fish of a variety of species. 


Coverage can be found at the following:



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A Little Serengeti In Our Own Backyard.

It's a side of the Rocky River watershed that very few individuals have ever witnessed. However, this scene plays itself out on a daily basis in some of the most remote corners of the watershed. This video, recorded by Natalie Moore during the assessment of a primary headwater stream by Cleveland Metroparks Natural…


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2011 - Year of the Flood(s)

It doesn’t take a meteorologist to know that 2011 was a wet year.  Local precipitation records were not only broken, but were shattered by over 10 inches.  One storm in late July dropped 4 inches of rain over a 2-hour period in portions of the Rocky River Watershed.  And who could forget the flood of February 28-March…


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Summer 2011 Lake Erie Algal Bloom offshore from the Mouth of the Rocky River

Courtesy of Pat McGannon from the Bay Village Green Team.

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Stopping Sediment at its Source in the Rocky River

Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD), in partnership with Medina County SWCD, Lorain SWCD and the Rocky River Watershed Council, has been awarded a $400,000 grant from the Great Lakes Commission to reduce sediment loading in the Rocky River Watershed.  The three-year project will  focus on three target subwatersheds with known sediment issues—Baldwin Creek, Mallet Creek and Plum Creek (the Plum Creek that flows into the West Branch in Olmsted Falls).  The Rocky River’s…


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Keeping it Clean

As we fish or hike the Rocky, it would be terrific if we could all take a garbage bag and pick up any trash we encounter.  Even if we just pick up one piece of trash per visit, it would impact all of our experiences on the River.  Thanks for all the efforts on keeping it clean. 

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Headwater Streets Rain Barrel and Rain Garden Rebate Program expands to include entire Baldwin Creek and Abram Creek Watersheds

Headwater Streets is a financial incentive program for residents in the Abram Creek and Baldwin Creek subwatersheds of the Rocky River.  This roughly includes all of Middleburg Heights and portions of Berea, Brook Park, Cleveland, North Royalton, Parma and Strongsville (see map).  Funded by a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Sustain Our Great Lakes program, the goal of the project is to reduce storm water pollution in the target areas.



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Why are there no frogs in Lake Abram?

Jeffrey Bhasin, a Quantitative Biology student at CWRU, has developed an online computer simulation that models the hydrology of Lake Abram.  Concrete surfaces block the natural sponge effect of soil in absorbing water. As a result, high levels of water runoff happen, and this runoff water drains into nearby reservoirs. Lake Abram is one such reservoir. Lake Abram is connected to a larger wetland area, and when the lake floods, the excess water floods into the wetland area too. The wetland…


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Baldwin Creek Dam Removal News

The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District, partnering with the City of Berea, the Rocky River Watershed Council and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, expects to receive approximately $343,000 from the Ohio Water Resource Restoration Sponsorship Program in early 2011 to remove three low-head dams along the lower 0.5 miles of Baldwin Creek in Berea.  Cuyahoga SWCD has received an additional $147,000 Grant through the Ohio EPA Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF).  The funds…


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