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The mission of the Rocky River Watershed Council is to protect, restore and perpetuate a healthy watershed through public education, watershed planning, communication and cooperation among stakeholders.

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So what's up with all the algae in the river?

We've been getting a handful of questions this week by email and social media about the amount of algae in the Rocky River's Main Stem.  This post to our Facebook page from our friends at Share the River is a good example:

Others have asked about nutrient levels in the river as well.  

First, as of 2014, the lower Rocky River - for the first time since people started checking - is meeting its Clean Water Act goals for aquatic life. That doesn't mean that there's not elevated nutrient levels - just that they aren't elevated enough (generally) to negatively impact fish and aquatic bugs.  So most of the time nutrients aren't a major concern in the main stem.  

However, when the flow gets low - like it has been this past week - a large portion…


Posted by Jared Bartley on July 8, 2016 at 4:03pm


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